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IT Services.

US Medisys has the expertise and experience in integration of various platforms used in various Physician Practices / Hospitals. Our teams work closely with the Healthcare Service Providers to understand their requirements and do the customization to suit their individual needs. We can offer our services both on-site and off-shore and also provide networking solutions.  





Our area of operations covers:

  • Patient Scheduling – Interfacing with the transcription, EMR/EHR etc.

  • Transcription – File tracking, monitoring downloading and uploading.

  • EMR / EHR – Integration with other softwares/hardware already in use.

  • Practice Management – Integration with EMR/EHR and Transcription Software.

  • Billing & Claims – Integration of all the available hardware/software.

  • Alignment – Development of patches wherever required to integrate all the hardware/ software.

  • Networking – Design, Architecture, Development of Networking solutions.

  • On-site Deployment of IT personnel to implement the solutions.

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