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Medical Transcription.

US Medisys provides High quality,fast,accurate,customized and cost-effective Medical Transcription Management Services at national and internationally accepted quality standards. US Medisys delivers reports quickly - well within the most challenging TAT or STAT schedules with strict adherence to HIPAA regulations of security and confidentiality. 

The Medical Transcription Services offered by US Medisys are HIPAA certified and are also supervised by qualified auditors and team leaders.


  • Medical Transcription Management Services certified within HIPAA Regulations and Guidelines.

  • Transcription Services available for any challenging STAT jobs.

  • 24 x 7 – Call Center for any Emergency Transcription Requests.

  • 3 – Tier Quality Assurance System (MT-PR-TL).

  • Customer – Team Construct (One Team caters to one Customer).

  • Web-based delivery available for transcribed documents.

  • 100% On-line Tracking of Work Status.

  • High Speed RF or Optic Fiber internet with redundancy.

  • Secure Network operations using VPN technology and firewalls.

  • Multiple dictation delivery methods​

  • Software design and development team in-house for developing customized applications.


  • Ability to integrate transcription into existing EMRs – HL-7 compliant.

  • Development of phonetic based Shorthand Keyboard Computer Aided Technology (SKCAT) for faster Transcription and higher volume output.

  • Consistent delivery of quality of over 100% of all types of Transcription Reports.

  • Regular execution of STAT jobs of 2 to 4 hrs or less (Turn Around Time) for many US Hospitals

  • Development of all related software products for Medical Transcription industry.

  • Cockpit software for easy on-line tracking and download of files sent for Transcription.

  • Certification for compliance of HIPAA regulations.

  • Automated FTP File-Transfer.

  • On-line File Tracking, Status and Remote search.

  • Anytime on-line access to all voice and doc Files with customized search engines. 


US Medisys has developed a global network of transcription resources connected and managed with an advanced Internet-Enabled Work Flow Monitoring System. This unique approach is optimized for customers with large and high-volume transcription needs.


  • US offices have 50+ Medical Transcriptionists with vast specialty experience - primarily in Hospital Radiology, Oncology and E/R experience varying from 5 – 23 years in these fields as medical transcriptionists.

  • India back Office 130 qualified Medical Transcriptionists who are graduates in Life Sciences - have experience varying from 1-9 years in all specialties in the field of Medical Transcription.

  • We have the capacity and infrastructure to double our size of MTs very quickly.

  • Scalable operations upon requirement.

  • 15-20% people undergoing constant on-job training to take care of additional volumes.

  • We maintain a very low attrition rate in this highly competitive field.

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