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Medical Billing & Coding .

US Medisys strives to develop long-term relationship with its clients by earning their trust through dedication and results. We hope that we have the opportunity to provide our medical billing service to you.

  • Claim Status and other financial / statistical reporting based on your practice needs.

  • Online Bill Submission/Electronic Claims Submission claims filed within 24 hours.

  • Appeals provided for denied & underpaid claims, and denied authorization requests

  • Benefit Verification with cost breakdown to both client and provider.

  • Gap exception request for out of network providers

  • Client and Patient Online Web assistance with forms and links for understanding billing, collections, appeals process and forms and authorization request form and process

Other Services:

  • Direct referral program for claims submission, gap request, and benefit verification for the provider practice that does NOT want to bill insurance but offer client reimbursement options

  • Complete Account Management of client payments and payment plan,

  • Credentialing and Contracting with major commercial plans and state paid policies

  • Development of Single Patient/Case Agreements, direct and 3rd party payment negotiations

  • Assistance with Electronic Funds Transfer for faster claims processing and direct payment from major insurance providers.

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