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US Medisys is a U.S. corporation engaged in socially responsible IT healthcare operations. We are dedicated to provide IT enabled products and services of such high quality that our customers will receive superior value while our employees and business partners will share in our success and growth.

Our Belief:

  • To increase and maintain a mutually beneficial and long term relationship with our customers.

  • To have the highest integrity in all that we do in providing our services.

  • To continuously maintain that people working with us in the US and India are our greatest assets.

  • To continuously strive to be creative and innovative in order to be one of the best Companies in this industry.

  • To continue our development in the skills of our US and India employees in order to keep abreast and maintain the cutting edge superiority we have in the latest technologies in this Healthcare IT industry.

  • To continue to differentiate us from the other transcription and billing companies as a leader for medical transcription and medical billing.

Leadership Team

Business Meeting

Aruna Shilagani


Siva Konatham


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